About Us


What we strive to achieve

Our programs are community driven and are open to all boys and girls who want to play baseball and softball.  Our mission is to provide an environment for youth to have enjoyable, safe, and a team oriented experience while learning the fundamentals of playing the game. We are committed to teaching players good sportsmanship and teamwork. This is all possible by our devoted volunteers!


Do you want to make a difference?

VOLUNTEER! We always have room for anyone that can fully commit  their time to improving our park and furthering the knowledge of the players. Please contact us for more information.


Board Members

Our Board Members are combined up of dedicated volunteers. Our Board is as follow:

President - Mike Young            

Vice Presidents - John Sawyer & Kyle Pitzer 

Treasurer - Michele Brown

Membership - Vacant

Secretary - Vacant

Athletic Director - Ted Janney

Tee Ball Director -  Vacant

Softball Director - Vacant

Baseball Director -  Vacant

Team Mom Director - Vacant